How to make a successful holiday accident claim

Each year, around 60 million British people will head away on holiday. That’s a staggering amount, and is actually more than the population of Great Britain itself!

In 2012, a report by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) indicated that an average of 70 British people were being hospitalised abroad each week, with 30% of these cases in Spain. The majority of these cases were related to alcohol and drug consumption and people generally taking unnecessary risks with their lives.

But what of those who have sustained personal injury through no fault of their own?

There are so many dangers when holidaying abroad that it can be terrifying. Dangers in your accommodation, poor safety precautions by a tour operator, an excursion gone wrong. The list is endless. Who can you turn to when your holiday leaves you with a personal injury?

PHC Law Ltd are one of the UK’s most reputable compensation claims firms that deals with a holiday accident claim. We are personal injury solicitors with over 100 years’ collective experience and a 98% accident claims success rate.

A holiday accident may not just mean a sour end to a trip, it could mean a long-lasting injury or illness that affects your life. If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, we will help you make a compensation claim and get the justice you deserve. Different countries have different laws, but in most cases, you could be entitled to compensation, regardless of where or how your accident occurred.

You can start the ball rolling now by filling out our no-obligation claim form. We will quickly get in touch with you to discuss your enquiry. We offer an exceptional service on a no win no fee basis, and no matter how trivial you think your case is, we will support you throughout.