Major Retailers Fined for Breaching Health and Safety Laws

Two major retailers have been fined this month for the negligence of it’s workers who suffered serious injuries following accidents involving forklift trucks.ikea work accident claim

Peter Edgecombe, a worker at Swedish retailer IKEA suffered multiple injuries in a forklift truck accident at the company’s Bristol store.

IKEA has been fined £80,000 after their employee suffered two broken bones in his left arm, and a dislocated shoulder following the incident.

On Wednesday 21st March at Bristol Magistrates Court, Ikea pleaded guilty to four health and safety offences, and for each breach the company received the maximum fine of £20,000 and additional costs of more than £8,000.

Meanwhile, DIY giant B & Q has been prosecuted after two accidents in three weeks involving forklift truck accidents at its stores in Exeter. One of the accident victims sustained head injuries, a broken arm and leg and another was hit by a truck and may never walk again properly.

Jon Cooper representing B&Q admitted four health and safety offences across their stores but said the company 32,000 employees and 650 stores nationwide it would be ‘inappropriate to brand them as bad with regard to health and safety in light of the incidents.

Both incidents that took place at the B&Q stores went to Crown Court. B&Q was forced to pay up to £85,370 in fines for breaching the Health and Safety Act at Work, being in breach of Regulation 3 (1) (a) of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and failing to ensure the safety of non-employees, contrary to Section 3 of the HSW Act and Section 5 of the Management Regulations.

Following the forklift truck accidents, B&Q have since spent around £100,000 segregating yards and installing new CCTV to improve prevent forklift truck accidents from reoccurring and to provide a safe working environment across it’s stores.