Lost Limbs From Accidents – The Challenge Ahead

People who have lost limbs from accidents face a huge challenge adjusting to life as an amputee, but such are the advances of medicine that while amputations are still necessary, things are not as bleak as they once were. Take the case of the 17-year-old restaurant worker who lost an arm while he was cleaning a pasta making machine last week. Surgeons managed to reattach Brett Bouchard’s arm in a 10 hour operation at a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

They are hopeful the teenager will recover some use of his arm in future and are already talking about a tendon transplant. His age was also a factor in the success of the operation as reattaching limbs lost in accidents to a younger person is more likely to work because new tissue and nerves have a better chance of re-growing.

A number of farm workers lost limbs in accidents in the UK in 2013, due to getting an arm trapped under an overturned tractor or caught in a binder, but it’s a relatively rare kind of accident compared to years ago when people interacted more with heavy machinery. Today, there’s so much automation that repetitive strain injury is more likely than lost limbs from accidents in the workplace. Accidents at work do still happen of course, and serious ones happen every day. Not everyone works in the relative safety of an office.

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