Are long waiting times solid grounds for personal injury claims?

Delays faced by patients for NHS treatment have risen sharply, despite government pledges to keep waiting times low statistics reveal.nhs preston hospital waiting times compensation

Information supplied by England’s acute hospital trusts shows that patients are facing a postcode lottery in the length of time they are having to wait for treatment. There are delays as long as 215 days in some areas of the country. That is far longer than the maximum waiting time of 18 weeks under the NHS constitution.

Patients who have already waited longer than 18 weeks for treatment should not simply rest on their laurels. They should take action to ensure they get the treatment they deserve.

They should first contact their hospital to enquire about the delay. If they are not satisfied with the response they receive, they can make a formal complaint using the NHS complaints procedure. Patients with time sensitive illnesses or injuries may also wish to take legal action against the NHS. Delays in receiving proper treatment can cause unnecessarily pain and suffering, which provides grounds for compensation claims. Patients should therefore get in touch with us to find out more about their rights.

Personal injury claims NHS

Of course, the NHS is England’s largest organisations and compensation claims can be difficult to prove. Our personal injury experts specialise in these types of claims and can offer patients the guidance they need to move forward. If the NHS accepts the blame, we can settle our clients’ claims relatively quickly. On the other hand, if it denies negligence, we may need to schedule court proceedings. We have a 98% success rate of winning compensation claims on behalf of our clients. Therefore whether claims settle through out of court negotiations or at a full court hearing.

Everyone deserves quality health care in a timely manner. Patients who claim compensation will help to highlight problems and raise standards in the NHS.