Lancashire potholes putting public at risk, councillor says

A councillor in Lancashire claims Potholes more than a metre wide are putting the public ‘at risk’. But the presence of Potholes across not just Lancashire but England, is an endemic problem causing damage and accidents.compensation claim for road pothole

Does this mean that in general our roads are in decline? The RAC already reported on the state of England’s roads in 2016. Potholes cause twice as many breakdowns as they did 10 years ago.

Last year in July a chief engineer from the RAC explained to the media that the condition of local roads across England and Wales had deteriorated year after year since 2006. In fact the decline is still occuring due to a lack of investment for maintainance and upkeep, he added.

However, earlier in 2016 the Department for Transport announced £250 million a year funding boost would remove the problem of potholes across the country. Yet local government argues this isn’t enough. Perhaps in this country there is a culture that ignores local roads in favour of motoways?

Government cutbacks could lead to more pothole claims

In lancashire councillor John Reynolds has launched a petition calling for extra funding from central government to sort out potholes. He and other councillors claim that because of further cuts to budgets and the pressure on welfare and social, there simply isn’t enough for transport.

In 2016 the Local Government Association stated that £12bn was needed to deal with a backlog of repairs across the United Kingdom. Therefore the £250 million a year funding promised by the government is simply not enough.

Lancashire County Council found and fixed more than 3000 potholes across the county in February, which is the same number as in 2016 so it appears the problem has not improved.