Kind acts that prompt fatal compensation claims

Fatal compensation claims arise from all sorts of situations, and are often the result of a well-intended, if ill-judged action by another party. Someone might cause the death of an innocent person, because they didn’t stop to think about possible consequence for a moment. Call it a tragic accident, a dreadful mistake, the terrible outcome of an otherwise kind act, but that doesn’t change the fact that the innocent victim has lost their life and left bereaved loved ones behind.

An extreme example of a well-intended act ending in tragedy was the case of a motorists in Canada who caused the deaths of a two people after she stopped on a busy highway to help a group of ducklings. Last week Emma Czornobaj was told she could face life imprisonment after being found guilty on two counts of criminal negligence. The 25-year-old, who parked on the left side of the highway, told jurors she was an animal lover and stopped to help the duckling because she couldn’t see their mother. She was going to take then home with her. Many would see this as a kind, instinctive response but her actions caused the deaths of a father and his passenger daughter when his motorcycle slammed into the parked car.

Who would want to be in this young woman’s shoes? She acted on an impulse and out of concern for orphan ducklings but her kind act has left another family devastated. The widow and bereaved mother said nothing would bring her loved ones back and wants to move on. So far there has been no mention of fatal compensation claims in this case and, as is often the way, such claims are the furthest thing from the minds of the bereaved. If fatal compensations claims are made, however, the sums involved are likely to be considerable and rightly so.

Faced with this kind of situation, support and good advice is essential. PHC Law has many years of experience at dealing with these kinds of claims and understand that sensitivity is important but so too the need to get a fair deal for those left behind. They have a 98% success rate on behalf of clients and can be relied on to make the entire process as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible.