6 Interesting Facts About Personal Injury Lawyers

It’s not easy deciding to make a claim for an injury. However, the following tips may help you decide or at the least tell you something you didn’t know about personal injury lawyers:personal injury lawyer questions

We’ve compiled 6 tips about claiming compensation for injuries. PHC Law and its team of personal injury specialists help people claim for personal injury including slips, trips, and falls, road traffic accidents, accidents at work, asbestos exposure, and brain or spinal injury:

  1. It’s a myth that ‘bigger is better’. Yes, some of the world’s top law firms are also massive businesses with big clients. But that’s exactly it – ‘big clients’. The larger law firms wants the big cases and clients with large incomes. Legal history is littered with small firms taking on governments or large corporations, and winning. It’s not a romantic notion. Law practice is about applying the laws as they stand, therefore small or big, all law firms must apply the same rules and conform to them. Resource means little but a hardworking solicitor means everything. So support your local law firms. They are equally as able as the top London or New York firms.
  2. You’ll get good support with a smaller or medium sized law firm. As pointed out above larger firms want bigger clients and big cases. It’s well documented that the large law firms can turn over revenues of millions of pounds. It’s the responsibility of any type of agency to treat clients equally and not favour one over the other. Smaller firms will invest an emotional attachment to a case, as they will with all their cases. You can have that local loyalty you may not find with a big firm. We all remember the story of ‘Erin Brokovich‘!
  3. Personal Injury Specialists. You would expect a Doctor to know about general practice, or a bus driver to drive a bus much more efficiently than you could (unless you’re a bus driver!). If you wanted to have a holiday in the Canary Islands for the dry and hot weather you wouldn’t book a holiday in Iceland! The point is, PHC Law specialise in accident and personal injury claims. They don’t do immigration or divorce for example. Your typical conveyancing is a different service. Therefore, when you instruct a solicitor to handle your case make sure you find the right specialist to do it.
  4. Free advice. Almost all law firms will offer you free, no obligation advice sessions about your individual claim. Most solicitors that want your case are not going to charge you for the initial advice provided.  You should know as a result of this initial consultation, if you are able to take a claim further. Just make sure the lawyer you are using is clear there is a free initial consultation as some do charge.
  5. No win, no fee. With a no win, no fee agreement you don’t pay a solicitor. Many small and medium law firms usually take on cases that they’re confident of winning. If a solicitor is successful, then they will recover their fee from the defendant. This fee is deducted from your compensation payment. Normally you would receive at least 70% of your compensation. The amounts differ from lawyer to lawyer and depends on the agreement you have with them during your case.
    5. There are lawyers and ‘lawyers’. The one thing that has changed how companies advertise, it is the creation of the world wide web. One could also argue that online social media has a massive impact too. So television and radio advertising are the dinosaurs of the marketing world. Unless you watch Sky News or Channel 5 you won’t see many solicitor commercials on the telly! In fact a high proportion of well-known names advertising today aren’t lawyers, but CMC’s (Claims Mangement Companies), also known as ‘claim lead-generators’. These are all very active online and use the internet well. They basically distribute your claim to a law firm they have an agreement with. However, if you wish to make a claim you are entititled to search online for whoever you want to handle your claim.
  6. Insurance Companies. The Law Society ran a successful marketing campaign a few years ago. Its headline was ‘Don’t Get Mugged by an Insurer’. In a nutshell if you have a road traffic accident and it’s not your fault, you are NOT obliged to use your car insurance company to make a claim for personal injury. However much they say you must, you don’t have to and you can do whatever you want. On average a solicitor gets 2-3 times more compensation than an insurer. Read more here.

We hope you find our check list helpful! Remember that each accident or personal injury claim is different. You can never compare like-for-like as the circumstances and details are utterly different. If you need further advice or have a question about a potential claim please contact us via our online form or call freephone: 0800 612 7 612.