Injury At Work In Clayton Le Moors

Based in Hyndburn, Lancashire, where it is known locally as simply Clayton, Clayton le Moors enjoys good road links and is within easy commuting distances of places such as Accrington, Blackpool and Lancaster.

It offers residents a reasonable variety of places to work, from schools and a public library to the hospitality industry, with a number of local pubs and hotels.

Clayton le Moors is also surrounded by lovely countryside, and doesn’t have a lot of heavy industry. However, this doesn’t make the town immune from work-related accidents – you can have an injury at work in Clayton Le Moors just as you can anywhere else.

If you do have an injury at work in Clayton le Moors, the impact on your whole life can be considerable. In the worst case scenarios, you may experience life-changing injuries, and face financial consequences from extended loss of earnings to travel to medical appointments.

Claim compensation for your injury at work in Clayton le Moors

You may not be aware that after your accident at work, provided it happened within the last three years and you can prove your employer was at fault, you may well be entitled to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

While many are initially understandably reluctant to consider taking their employer to court, there are a number of reasons why you it’s worth giving the idea serious thought:

• If you lose your job because of a claim you make, your employer will have acted unlawfully
• Your employer’s insurer should settle the claim, rather than the organisation itself
• By making a claim, you are taking a stand for proper health and safety in your workplace and reinforcing your employer’s duty of care to their staff – the law says you must be provided with a safe environment in which to work.

How PHC law can help

Our success rate in securing claims for our clients is very high,  because of some very simple factors. We work on a no win, no fee basis, it won’t cost you a penny to start the process, our attention to detail and our vast experience to hand having dealt with 1000’s of personal injury / work accidents to date.

Based in Preston lancashire, our team of specialist personal injury claims lawyers have helped thousands to be compensated for injuries incurred through no fault of their own, and we could help you, too.

Talk to us in confidence today, or fill in our no obligation claim form online. Remember, it’s not about pandering to the so-called compensation culture, but about claiming what’s rightfully yours.