Injury at Work and Falling from Heights

Under the Work at Height Regulations, employers must ensure that employees are properly protected. Unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t the case resulting in accident and personal injury.

Are British companies and businesses doing enough to protect employees? work injury falling from a height

It would appear that UK companies have improved in terms of health and safety and employee protection during the past decade or so. However, accident and injury still occur. In 2016 falls from a height were the greatest cause of accident in the workplace. Yet in 2016-2017 this type of accident was superseded by accidents involving a moving vehicle.

Figures provided by the Health & Safety Executive show that workplace vehicle accidents acounted for 23% of work accidents in 2016-17 but accidents involving falling from a height was 18%.

Every accident at work is different. The circumstances can vary considerably. However, these circumstances do not prevent an employer’s responsibility and each situation should be considered in detail. People working from a height face particular risks and their health and safety and the equipment they use must be fully functional. Furthermore, an employee always requires the right level of training when required to work at a height.

Sometimes however, there are failings that result in work injury.