Injured While At Work In Darwen

darwen town centreLocated just to the south of Blackburn, the area where the town of Darwen is situated has been home to settlements for thousands of years. When Mohandas K Gandhi accepted an invitation to visit the town in 1931, he was welcomed warmly by many “Darreners” who were painfully aware of the problems caused by India’s then boycott of cotton goods.

This particular problem is long in the past but, for those who live in Darwen and work around the town or in other local areas, injuries at work, personal injuries can happen at any time and have both short and long-term consequences.

When such an incident occurs, after the initial trauma difficult decisions have to be made about medical issues and other actions that need to be taken, and how best the recovery process can be undertaken. One of the key considerations is whether a claim can be made against those who have caused the accident.

Work Injuries In Darwen

Every situation is different, but in general terms, if you live or work in the Darwen area it is certainly worth investigating the possibilities if you have suffered injury. This could be caused by a slip on a wet or badly cleaned floor, or a trip over poorly-fitted cabling. You may have fallen or been burned and the proper health and safety procedures might not have been in place. Serious strains to necks and backs are also a common cause of workplace injuries.

Many Lancashire folk who have suffered in this way are wary about making a claim against their employer for fear of recrimination or causing them distress. For your peace of mind, you should know that if you were dismissed for making such a claim your employer would have acted unlawfully, and claims are settled by the insurance policy they are obliged to hold and not from their own funds.

There is a simple way forward if you have suffered an injury at work within the last three years. Simply contact our friendly and professional no-win, no-fee local injury claims team here at PHC Law in Preston, either by calling 01772 308070 or completing the no-obligation claim form on this page. With over a century of collective wisdom in the team, and a stunning claims success rate, it certainly makes sense to discuss that distressing injury at work in Darwen or nearby and better understand your personal situation.