Industrial Injury Gun Blast Victim Receives £5,000.00 Compensation

A factory worker with an Industrial injury from Harlow has been awarded £5,000.00 compensation.

On 17th April 2009 the man was injured when a high pressure hose failed, causing industrial glue to be blasted into his face resulting in horrific injuries to both eyes.

The Claimant suffered a transient injury to the left eye, together with a corneal abrasion to the right eye. Building site

Expert medical evidence was obtained by the Claimant’s solicitor, Mr John Cooper, senior consultant at PHC Law. The evidence obtained from an Ophthalmologist identified recurrent erosion syndrome.

Mr Cooper issued proceedings against the Defendants.

The Defendant’s reluctantly cooperated with the Part 20 proceedings issued against them thereby delaying and complicating the settlement of the claim.

After negotiations, offers and counter offers, the claim was settled in the sum of £5,000.00 upon the Defendant accepting the Claimant’s Part 36 proposal to settle the claim.

Mr Cooper commented: “The recurrent erosion syndrome is a potentially serious condition which can affect the injured party for life. This can lead to a permanent restriction to the types of employment in which all exposure to dust or similar materials must be eliminated. Fortunately,  the treatment worked for the Claimant in this particular case.

In this accident my client was very fortunate that his injuries did not result in him losing his eye sight completely.

The accident could have been prevented if his Employers had provided a safe system of work and safety wear.

By law every employer has a duty of care and is legally obliged to maintain a safe system of work, adequate training and the correct safety or protective wear.

I would advise anyone who has been involved in a work accident who has suffered injuries as a result of other’s negligence to get in touch with us”.

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