Incompetence Often The Spur For Life Changing Injuries

Hardly a week goes by without another unfortunate example of someone being left with permanent, life changing injuries because of someone else’s shortcomings or incompetence. Compensation claims for these kinds of injuries can run into millions, as in the recent case of the 36-year-old London woman who was awarded £5m after waiting 100 minutes for an ambulance and, as a result, has been left with irreparable brain damage.

When scientist Caren Paterson collapsed at her north London home in 2007, her boyfriend called an ambulance but because the address was considered ‘high-risk’, the crew stopped 100 metres from the house until a police escort arrived over an hour and a half later. Five minutes before the ambulance crew and police arrived, Ms Paterson, a genetic scientist at King’s College, London, had suffered a cardiac arrest.

She has since been left with chronic amnesia and disorientation and will need round-the-clock care for the rest of her life. She will never be able to work again. The settlement at the High Court this month, was made against the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust and the compensation claim was for a £1.4m lump sum, followed by lifelong yearly payments. QC Philip Havers, expressed the trust’s sincere apologies to the family for “the shortcomings” which had occurred and said the damages would go a long way to providing for Ms Paterson’s lifelong needs.

Compensation claims can vary in the amount awarded and obviously the more serious the injury, the higher the claim is likely to be. In this unfortunate incident, which could have been prevented, the amount, although large, is actually relatively small compared to what the ambitious young woman has suffered and will go on suffering for the rest of her life. Anyone who is faced with a similar situation deserves full compensation but may have a struggle to get what is fair and reflects the impact their injury has had on their quality of life.

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