Holiday accident claims – what should you do?

Recent government statistics %”have shown that up to 7.7 million UK citizens travelled abroad around this time last year, but how many of them know their rights if they were to get involved in an accident overseas and need to make a holiday personal injury claim?

A survey of 1000 people, conducted by a leading holiday accident specialists, found that many travellers are not fully aware of what to do if an accident occurs while they are on holiday, or how to proceed with holiday accident claims.

Common sense dictates it’s best to be prepared when you are travelling to a foreign country, which is why most of us now invest in travel insurance. But aside from checking reviews and ensuring you’re going to be staying in a relatively safe area, what else can we do?

Be careful who you book with

The good news is, those who book their trips via a credit card or ATOL protected provider will in turn be entitled to greater protection, making it easier to file a holiday accident claim or personal injury claim when they return to the UK – however, not all Brits are currently aware of this fact, with only 20.8 per cent seemingly aware that they could claim compensation via their credit card provider.

Almost half of those who took part in the survey (47.9 per cent) did not know that they were entitled to greater protection when they booked via an ATOL-protected provider.


Ensure you are properly covered with the correct insurance for your holiday abroad. If you’re planning on taking part in any dangerous activities (bungee jumping, for example), check whether they are excluded from your cover.

It’s also wise to be on the safe side and carry your travel insurance details with you whilst travelling, so you are able to exchange your details if anything should occur.

Making a holiday accident claim

You are also entitled to make a holiday accident claims outside of your credit card or ATOL-protected provider, although the person or company you file the claim against can often fall under a different legal jurisdiction, which is why it’s important to go to a personal injury claims solicitor who is experienced with making holiday accident claims, such as PHC Law. We have a 95 per cent personal injury claims success rate and over 100 years of collective experience.

If you’ve been involved in an accident while abroad and wish to make a holiday accident claim, contact the experts at PHC Law by filling in the claim enquiry form in the sidebar today. We’ll be happy to help.