Had A Personal Injury At Work In Lancashire?

Had An Injury At Work In LancashireWith a population in its wider area of over 1,460,893, Lancashire’s has been a main area of commerce for many large companies for over 100 years. You may not realise it but just because it’s not reported in the media, personal injury and accidents at work are not uncommon.

Its levels of unemployment may be slightly higher than for the UK as a whole, but nonetheless, people in the city and surrounding area can choose from a wide range of employers, and nearly one in three is qualified to NVQ Level 4 and above.

accident at work lancashireMost people (over 86%) are employed in the services sector, particularly public administration, health and education, and nearly two thirds of jobs are full-time.

What this means, of course, if you live and work in the area, is that when it comes to injury at work Lancashire is no less vulnerable to these accidents than anywhere else in the country.

Workplace injuries can change you and your family’s life – and they can happen at any time, no matter what job you do.

There’s a lot of talk in the media about the so-called ‘compensation culture’, but if you’ve had an accident at work in Lancashire, making a personal injury claim is not about that – it’s about claiming money to which you are legally entitled, and which you will need to cover extra out-of-pocket expenses, from hospital parking fees to reduced earnings because of time spent off work.

Working in Lancashire and claiming for an accident against your employer

Another thing that can put off people making a claim after an injury at work in Lancashire is the fact that they don’t want to sue their employer. And while such concern is entirely understandable, there are a number of things that should put your mind to rest.

Firstly, your employer will almost certainly not have to pay up themselves after your accident, their insurer almost certainly will. Secondly you can’t be sacked for making a claim after an accident at work in Lancaster or anywhere else in the UK. Thirdly, your employer has a duty to protect you while you are at work. An injury claim could stop the same disaster from blighting someone else’s life.

So if you can prove your employer was at fault and your Lancaster work accident happened in the last three years, you may well be able to make a claim.

How PHC Law Can Help

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