Flash for Cash – The Latest Insurance Scam to Hit the Roads

Sometimes, as a driver, it can feel like the wind is constantly against you, insurance premiums, taxes and the price of fuel make getting about a costly business. When you arrive, a simple thing like parking can turn into a mission as well. So news of a new ‘flash for cash‘ scam is hardly welcome.car insurance price rise

The ‘crash for cash’ scam or ” Flash for Cash ” wherein a criminal will suddenly brake, causing an accident and subsequently claiming as much as possible in compensation, is old news. Whilst criminals have found various inventive ways to deceive their victims, such as taking out their rear brake lights so that drivers won’t see them brake, the emergence of ‘flash for cash’ is harder to detect and harder to prosecute.

To put this in perspective a severe neck injury associated with incomplete paraplegia or resulting in permanent spastic quadriparesis or where the injured person, despite wearing a collar 24 hours a day for a period of years, still has little or no movement in the neck and suffers severe headaches which have proved intractable. This is one of the more serious claims and compensation can be up to £119,000 Whilst a claim where a full recovery is made within a period of a few days, a few weeks or a few months can be a few hundred pounds to £1,705. This is one of the many reasons why you need an experienced firm of solicitors like PHC LAW to help get you the right claim for your injuries. Fill in the form to the right where we can then speak to you with no obligation to assess your claim.

The criminals involved in this new scam flash their indicators to let a driver pull out in an apparent show of good driving manners, then drive into their victim and deny having flashed lights in court. It’s a particularly pernicious way of illegally extracting insurance payouts as it takes advantage of drivers’ expectations of consideration and sows mistrust on the road. It is also a serious problem in financial terms – this new scam costs insurers a staggering £392 million per year, adding between £50 and £100 to your premium as a driver.

Flash for Cash, It is a pity that drivers’ trust is abused

In this way and PHC Law are keen to play a part in beating the scam. Police warnings have been issued to warn drivers and hopefully deter scammers, but if you are the victim of a ‘flash for cash’ scam that’s little consolation. At PHC Law, we are fully aware of the real problems that these scams cause to real victims and we’ll put our full efforts into working with victims to protect themselves.

With our nationwide coverage and volume of claims in higher density cities such as Manchester and London our personal injury teams have a vast amount of experience of scams of this nature. While the technique is not new, the use of dishonesty on the road to extract insurance payouts is the oldest trick in the book and when it comes down to the victim’s word against that of the criminal, as it does in these cases, having a team of law professionals who know the ins and outs of this new scam can be very useful indeed.

Of course, you may need to consider making a claim yourself. Again our experience of personal injury claims is a valuable asset as we’ve come across pretty much all the accident claims Manchester and London courts have heard. The importance of making sure that victims of scams of this type are protected and compensated is even more important than the importance of thwarting the efforts of the criminals themselves – but if we can possibly do both, we will.

British drivers should not have to put up with the trust-eroding behaviour of irresponsible criminals using Flash for Cash on the roads, but when they do, PHC Law will step in to help the victims with the very real problems these scams cause. After all, there’s some hope yet for consideration.

To see the original BBC article please click here. Figures are taken from the JSP guidelines for more information please click here.