What is fair compensation for being deceived?

When people seek fair compensation they do so because they feel they have been let down in some way or even that they’ve been deceived.

Not surprisingly, authority figures are often at the centre of compensation claims because it is they who we rely on the most for the likes of our health care and protection. Pursuing a claim against an authority figure can almost seem counter-intuitive but that doesn’t mean it isn’t justified.can I claim for deception

Take the recent case of a woman who is reported to be in line for over £400,000 in compensation after giving birth to a son by an undercover policeman. The woman, known as ‘Jacqui’ was allegedly part of a group of activists infiltrated by undercover officers. The officers were members of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), a controversial unit – now defunct – that was set up by the London Metropolitan Police to investigate anti-war protesters and other groups.

The SDS used the name of dead children to create false identities for their operatives.

Jacqui had a son by Bob Lambert, a member of the SDS unit, in 1985. After two years, Lambert vanished and it was only much later that Jacqui learned his true identity. At the time she knew him by his assumed name, Bob Robinson. In recent interviews with various media outlets, Jacqui has revealed that she has been receiving psychiatric care after learning that Lambert had been an undercover officer and was already married at the time they had a child together.

Despite receiving the compensation payment, Jacqui said the legal case may be finished but for her there was no real closure and so far, no admission by the Met that what they had done was wrong. It is reported that a further twelve women are pursuing claims relating to undercover officers.

Over £400,000 in compensation may seem a generous settlement but does it make up for being deceived in this way by the identity of your partner, as well as by their reason for being with you?

As with all compensation cases involving authority figures, big organisations or institutions, it helps to get reliable and informed advice. The legal team at PHC Law have many years experience of dealing with all sorts of cases, and advising clients on the best way forward. We also have a 98% success rate in winning compensation for the clients we represent .