Employee Electrocuted at Work Receives £20,000.00 Settlement

A 23 year-old from Central London who was electrocuted at work has received £20,000.00 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Mr John Cooper, a senior consultant at PHC Law said his client was employed by a construction company. On the day of the accident they asked him to cut out cabling using an angle grinder. As he did so there was a large electrical flash and the Claimant was electrocuted.

“My client was thrown against the walls and described a near death experience, extreme pain and distress”, said Mr Cooper.

“He was rushed to hospital and there became aware of the extent of the burns to his face and arms. As a result, he has suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that has included nightmares, hyper vigilance, increased irritability and anxiety.”

The Defendants throughout denied liability in this matter and provided disclosure unwillingly and went onto file a complex and detailed Defence. Not satisfied, Mr Cooper issued proceedings.

Proceedings were commenced and following negotiations with the Defendants after various offers and counter offers, the Defendants agreed to pay £20,000.00 damages.

“My client was extremely lucky in the accident which could have been fatal. He has received treatment for his injuries and counselling which is helping him to make a good recovery”

“I would urge anyone who has suffered injuries or trauma as a result of an accident at work to contact us”.

How can PHC Law personal injury solicitors help?

PHC Law can help you to claim accident at work compensation for victims who have sustained injuries or psychological injury as a result of an accident at work.