Electrocuted Worker Compensated for Accident

A man at work accidently came into contact with a live electrical cable and suffered electrocution.

In the UK between 2016 – 2017 there were 0.6 million (approx. 600k)  non-fatal injuries in the workplace. These injuries consisted of minor and major work accidents. 29 per cent of these were slips and trips, 22 per cent were lifting accidents, and 4 per cent were contacts with machinery. I was electrocuted at work can I claim compensation

However, a number of workplace injuries involve electricity. One of PHC Law’s recent clients, a 39 year old gardener came into contact with an unsafe system. He hit a live electrical cable and was electrocuted. As a result the client suffered an exacerbation of a depressive mental disorder with psychological symptoms.

Personal injury case concluded:

At the conclusion of his case, he received £5600 in injury compensation.

The rate of fatal, and non-fatal injuries at work have been decreasing year on year since 2000, which is positive news. However, stress related illnesses are on the increase as are deaths from lung diseases and mesothelioma.

However, injuries involving electricity and someone electrocuted occur across England and Wales almost every day in the workplace.

*Source: Health & Safety Executive