Driverless Cars Expected to Dominate by 2045

According to research conducted by Kia Motors (UK) driverless cars may account for almost half of all car sales within 25 years. Then of course this is expected to rise even further as we approach the year 2100.

new lanes tested at london 2012 reduce traffic accidents

A new car lane structure got trialled at London 2012

Most of us will be dead by then anyway. Sorry for the negativity but fact is fact. Certainly our grandchildren will be the ones living with the massive changes expected on our UK roads over the next few decades.

Road traffic accident claims have not decreased with better car technology. More endemic CCTV and people carrying smart devices means capturing evidence is far easier. Therefore, because of this access to technology, an increase in compensation claims become possible. Yet how will these driverless cars affect how we drive and how we perceive others on the road?

Some futurist philosophers claim that insurance premiums for road traffic accidents are likely to be obsolete as cars avoid crashes via e-communication and GPRS. It does seem like pie in the sky. However, technology moves at an incredibly fast pace – we’ve seen it with computers and smart devices the past decade.

Actually there are different degrees of car autonomy ranging from cruise control, gear change, to partial self-drive automation. So don’t expect millions of self-driving cars to appear on our roads overnight. Currently no laws exist to regulate these vehicles publicly. People are only just beginning to understand drones, while many reject them as health risks.

In order for these different types of semi-driverless cars to exist there needs to be change in our road infrastructure. New road designs need to allow different types of machines travel in separate lanes. This would differentiate them from vehicles controlled by humans. New vehicle travel lanes were trialled at the London 2012 Olympics, although for different reasons the principal in infrastructure change showed that these changes are never easy. The Olympic lanes created some controversy at the time.

So don’t expect huge changes just yet on UK roads, and the numbers of road traffic accidents rising despite what you may see and read on social media.