Don’t Be Shy About Claiming Workplace Accident Compensation

People are injured in all sorts of workplace accidents, every day, but not everyone claims workplace accident compensation for what happened to them. Accidents can result from the obvious hazards of frenetic construction sites to industrial manufacturing premises and, in fact, almost everywhere there are lots of people and buildings and machines. Even apparently serene offices are not immune to accidents happening and people becoming injured.

If this is what has happened to you, you have a right under the law to make a claim. You’re probably wondering, however, if it’s the right thing to do because perhaps you have a feeling that by making a compensation claim, you’re going to anger your bosses and put your job at risk. Is it better to carry on and forget about compensation and just get well? You need to recover, of course, but you also need what you’re legally entitled to.

First of all, while you’re making your mind up, you need to know – unless you do already – that all companies in the UK are required by law to have sufficient indemnity insurance to cover the eventuality of people on the premises becoming injured and seeking compensation. So there’s no need to concern yourself with taking money out of your boss’ pocket for workplace accidents when it will come from the insurance company.

Secondly, workplace accidents have a time limit of three years if you wish to file a claim. So if it happened quite a while ago, you’ll need to act swiftly. You’ll also need to have medical details outlining your injury for us to examine, and as importantly, the accident that resulted in your injury cannot have been your fault – so if you can get someone at work who saw what happened to you to say so, that would be helpful.

Here at PHC Law, one of the most reputable claims firms in the UK, we’ve been helping people get compensation following workplace accidents for over a decade, and have over 100 years’ collective experience. In fact, over the years we’ve built up 98% accident claims success. Why not fill out your details in the sidebar to the right and we’ll get back to you with expert no-obligation advice?