Crash for Cash Gang Behind Bars

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Following a successful court trial and investigation by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) and Derbyshire Police, gang members committing ‘crashes for cash’ have been convicted of fraud.

cash for crash birmingham

Birmingham scored poorly in league of shame

5 people were charged with fraud. Among them were Mohammed Asghar, Dharminder Nagra and Davinder Nagra.

7 other defendants have also pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to commit fraud in connection to the case and are awaiting sentencing. They deliberately caused road traffic accidents creating chaos and misery for their victims.

‘Crash for cash’ has a negative impact on communities and puts innocent people at risk of serious injury, even death. According to the Crimestoppers website ‘Crash for Cash’ costs insurance companies £400 million a year. Bolton, Bradford, and Birmingham rank the worst areas of the UK in a league table of shame (areas to be mindful of while you are driving!).

The fraudsters submitted fraudulent personal injury claims to insurers for compensation after they rammed or turned into innocent motorists.

This idiotic and irresponsible level of fraud had a potential cost of over £500,000.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau said the gang was connected to more than a 100 different fraudulent claims dating back nearly 6 years and affecting at least 15 different insurers.

The fraudsters even used a corrupt professional CMC (Claims Management Company) as a front to corroborate claims and increase their value.

If you are in a crash and suspect fraud contact the Police, then Cheatline on 0800 422 0421. Take note of the vehicle registration, take photos, you may also need to video the incident, or the person claiming that it was an accident especially if they are aggressive. Above all remain calm if you can.