Crack Down On Whiplash Claims?

The Government is putting a cap on fees for medical reports supporting a compensation claim for a whiplash injury, in a bid, they say, to drive out the fraudsters. Fees for doctors’ reports on whiplash injury claims, which at present can be up to £700, are being capped at a flat rate of £180 for an initial report. The cap, which will start from October this year, was announced by the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling and follows concerns that people were being encouraged to make bogus claims so doctors could make money by making out a report.

A Government spokesman said there were some half a million whiplash injury claims a year and that this added around £90 a year to typical motor insurance policies. Whiplash is a common injury in road traffic accidents. Mr Grayling said the Government was determined to have a ‘robust system’ for medical evidence, to support whiplash injury claims, so that genuine claims could be settled but fraudulent ones driven out of the market.

It’s hard to take issue with any of the above, as no right-thinking person is going to support bogus medical reports or fraudulent claims, but this doesn’t mean that people with genuine injuries should feel they will be viewed with suspicion. People who have suffered a whiplash injury and are advised they are entitled to claim for compensation, should not be deterred from doing so.

Whiplash can be a nasty injury, causing damage to the tendons and ligaments in the neck, and symptoms can include pain, tenderness, reduced neck movement and headache. As well as road traffic accidents, whiplash injuries can be caused by blows to the head, especially during high-impact sports such as rugby or boxing. Even a bad slip can cause whiplash. Other symptoms may include dizziness, lower back pain, ringing in the ears, blurred vision and difficulty in concentrating.

Like any injury, whiplash can have a serious impact on an individual’s quality of life. Anyone with real grounds to make a whiplash injury compensation claim should seek expert advice about how to proceed. The legal team at PHC Law will make the claim on the individual’s behalf and fight for a fair deal for those with a real injury. With over 100 years’ combined experience and a 98% success rate, clients can have confidence their claim is in good hands.