Council Cutbacks Could Lead To Pothole Claims

A county council could be putting itself at risk of significant accident claims because it wants to cut the cost of repairing potholes.

According to the Daily Express, Devon County Council is currently going through a cost cutting process. Redundancies loom and financial budgets will take a beating. Lancashire County Council face exactly the same problem, as of course do other local authorities across England and Wales.

Devon has the largest road network in the UK with costs exceeding £1 billion a year, but the council believes it can save itself £430,000 by laying people off and a further £260,000 by asking volunteers to carry out restoration work. As Devon is home to more than 8,000 miles of roads and has an estimated 11,500 potholes, such a move is certainly very risky.

Transport groups and driving associations have poured scorn on the decision, pointing out that storms earlier in the year and the recent Indian summer have left many highways in disrepair. They state that professionals are required to bring the roads back to a safe standard and using amateurs will likely lead to people suffering accidents unnecessarily. Indeed, three cyclists have already been badly hurt due to them pedalling over potholes in Exeter this summer and a whopping crater, measuring six feet, emerged close to Crediton.

Pothole Accident claims 

Hugh Bladon, a spokesperson for the Alliance of British Drivers, called Devon County Council’s hopes of using volunteers “plainly absurd”.

Mark Morrell, who goes by the name Mr Pothole, has been campaigning for improved roads in Britain for years and revealed that he has made a freedom of information request that shows that Devon County Council has a road repairs backlog worth £766 million.

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