Could a Robot Claim for Compensation?

A robot claiming for compensation. Who would have thought? Yet despite it sounding implausible, MEPs are calling for the implementation of a set of legal rules on how humans can interact with artificial intelligence.can robots claim compensation

We are now entering a new stage in the industrialisation of human culture, especially in Advanced countries. If you have seen the film Ex Machina written by Alex Garland, we may not be so far away from machines attaining article intelligence.

Make no mistake robots or complex robotic algorithms are everywhere – you just don’t see them.

Eventually, somebody somewhere is bound to be abusive towards a robot or article intelligence. For whatever reason, be it stupidity or some noble trait defending the pre-eminence of human beings, abuse is abuse. Isn’t it?

In 2016 last Spring, the EU’s Committee on Legal Affairs published a draft report on introducing a civil law code on Robotics. The report recommends giving robots a legal status as “electronic persons”.

The report warns robot designers should include a ‘kill switch’ to shut down a machine. Nobody wants a Terminator type machine running amok!

Law firms have already questioned the report’s recommendations. Some admit it is very comprehensive but argue many animals do not have equality with human rights so why should machines? The earth inherently belongs to all animals, including humans.

In the UK during the last 30 years we have seen robots and machines increasingly replace humans in the employment market. Is it any wonder that some people will be angry and prejudiced towards machines? Nevertheless, it is unavoidable that robot and human relations entered uncharted waters, starting in the 20th century.

The report calls for the creation of a robotics and artificial intelligence agency for that can provide technical, ethical, and regulatory expertise.

It sounds like absolute lunacy now, but in years to come imagine your robot cab driver (much like the Jonny cab in Total Recall!) claiming compensation for an alleged road traffic accident?

If you’d like to see the EU’s report on robotic and artificial intelligence legal rules, click on the link.