Compensation Claims Are Often A Last Resort

When a child is hurt in an accident, the priority for the parents is always on getting prompt and proper treatment. Even when it’s appropriate to consider making a compensation claim, parents are typically slow to act. Their focus remains on the health of their child – thoughts of compensation claims only come later, if at all.

Take an ongoing case in Scotland that involves the family of a boy who drowned in the pool of a popular holiday camp in Arbroath, near Dundee. The tragedy happened at a caravan park in 2011, when six-year-old Aiden Sands was found at the bottom of the site’s swimming pool. Despite desperate attempts to resuscitate him, the youngster died. Three years on from that sad day, the family is now seeking £50,000 in compensation and a decision is still pending as to whether criminal charges will be brought against the caravan park owners.

Most injuries to children occur at home and, fortunately, are relatively minor. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, over 1 million children under 15 are taken to accident and emergency units each year, after being injured at home. The under fives are most at risk, with boys more likely to get hurt than girls. Common injuries include bumps, scrapes, burns, scalds, swallowing foreign objects, and fractures. The most common non-fatal accidents at home are due to falls, with most fatal accidents at home caused by fire.

Compensation claims following an injury to a child are much more likely to come as a result of an incident outside the home, like the example given above. Studies show that more accidents happen in the late afternoon, during school holidays, and at weekends. The reasons for this include inadequate supervision, distraction, changes to a child’s routine, and being unfamiliar with a place, such as when on holiday.

Compensation claims surrounding serious or fatal injuries to children can seem fraught with difficulty, which is why getting sound professional advice is so important. PHC Law has a great deal of experience at dealing with all kinds of claims, including those on behalf of parents. They have a 98% success rate at getting full and fair compensation for the clients they represent.