Compensation claims for industrial deafness: the basics

The biggest insurer in Britain told a national Sunday newspaper that it had approaching 3,000 personal injury compensation claims for industrial deafness during the second quarter of 2014, whereas some 750 years ago that figure was just 750. And while there is now a cap on legal fees that can be charged for whiplash injury claims, that does not apply to cases of deafness.

Given that the insurance industry eventually picks up the tab, the Association of British Insurance is likely to lobby to limit the costs of compensation claims for industrial deafness. While at the moment there are some 500,000 whiplash compensation claims a year, statistics for one claims processing firm puts the numbers for industrial deafness at around 180,000 annually.

However, despite the rather cynical claims of this kind of hearing loss as “the new whiplash”, there’s no doubt that deafness incurred at work is a major problem. Employers are obliged to provide their employees with hearing protection where there are high levels of noise at work.

Problems can be temporary or permanent (for example if you are left with a perforated eardrum) and can manifest themselves over several years – or very suddenly, for example in the case of acoustic trauma. This happens if you are exposed to a very loud noise, or a series of them, at close proximity.

The Health and Safety Executive points out that more than a million workers are now potentially at risk from industrial deafness in the future given their working conditions. Of course, those in some industries are more vulnerable than others. Engineering, factory work and the music and construction sectors are examples of settings where employees are likely to be more at risk.

To make successful injury claims for industrial deafness, you will need a medical report outlining the severity of the problem. You also need to prove your employer was negligent,
and could have prevented the problem.

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