Made an Accident Claim and Not Left Alone?

If you’ve been online recently to search for an accident claims company, found one, and contacted them but then found yourself inundated with calls from other similar companies, don’t despair, you’re not alone.claims management companies are they any good?

A claims management company offers claims services in general. Often these include advice or legal services regarding compensation, and/or PPI claims. If you’ve found one, check to see whether they’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. If they are not, they’re probably a CMC (Claim Management Company).

Watching day time Sky News or Channel 5 day time TV, you will see many commercials advertising the services of these claims companies. They all make varying degrees of promise and success. They also conjure images of hard working solicitors working behind the scenes. Yet often these CMC’s are lead generators or lead-farmers looking for cases to pass on. In a nutshell they’re introducers or intermediary’s. They’re not lawyers.

Our advice is to look directly for a solicitor – you are not obligated to use a CMC. Dealing directly with a regulated law firm or solicitors gives you a more control.

Why am I being contacted if I haven’t signed anything?

Some of these companies partake of aggressive marketing tactics which many other companies do in other industries such energy, insurance, or recruitment. There is nothing unusal about the legal indutry.

These marketing tactics often involve cold calling and text message advertising. It’s a very common annoyance. Your contact details are often passed onto third parties or others companies. These companies don’t care about your privacy – they see a potential lead instead, which is why you can get bombarded by calls.

Keep a record of who you contacted first. Wait for a few days before contacting another, that way you will know if the first CMC has passed on your details. They cannot do this without your consent. Doing so without it is breaking the law.

If you’re being bombarded with text messages from claims management companies you should be brisk and ask them to stop then report this to Ofcom and the Financial Services Ombudsman. The online complaints process is fairly straight forward.

But take small comfort in the knowledge that you’re not alone, thousands of others experience the same.