Choosing the Right Law Firm

How can you find the best claims solicitors? How do you find a place that will give you optimal claims? Choosing which Law firm to use for a personal injury or accident claim depends on several variables some of which may be apparent.

Bear in mind that many claims companies are not managed by qualified solicitors. These will farm your claim and pass it on to a lawyer. You should go direct to a law firm not a CMC (Claims Management Company).Which law firm do I choose

It is often a case of a friend or acquaintance recommending a particular solicitor that they have used for their own claim. The process of making an important decision such as this is a constantly evolving process where the choice made one day may not necessarily be the right one for the next. The type of personal injury, the client expectations, and length expired since the injury or accident could mean that client need should be thoroughly understood by the solicitor.

Remember, you are not obliged to claim compensation from your insurer. If you want you can use any law firm – that is your legal right and choice. In fact according to the Law Society, accident victims who down an insurer’s initial offer and take legal advice from a solicitor like PHC Law get on average 2-3 times more compensation.

It may mean your time spent considering which law firm to choose takes longer than you’d want but in the long term that would probably be a much better decision to take your time.

Why take your time? You need to be comfortable with the right law firm and feel that they have your best interests at heart. Getting to this point can take time. Just don’t jump headlong into the first solicitors you see! Sometimes we make decisions simply on the costs involved – the lure of a lower priced holiday can be very convincing when today’s margins are so tight. But with overall customer satisfaction generally rising in all things, should you risk a cheaper holiday for the sake of better service or quality?

Despite this, remember that PHC Law offers ‘No Win No Fee’ so there are no costs to outlay from the beginning. This is common of most personal injury law firms in England and Wales. Therefore perhaps ‘costs’ are not a consideration for many potential clients. They prefer to focus perhaps on customer service, or the case resolution. Whatever your reasons you should always ask your solicitor if in doubt so that you understand everything before you commit.

Even optimising your choices by choosing the right lawyer might be about locality. For example, is good solicitor available in your home town? In fact for some people that is not important because you could live in Blackpool and have a lawyer based in London – it can make no difference to your case. These days many road traffic accident cases are resolved without client and lawyer even meeting, as everything is conducted online.

PHC Law’s team of lawyers and paralegals constantly monitor case conditions and can even anticipate difficulties ahead. The key thing is intelligent planning.

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