RTA Victim Claims £200,000.00 For Head On Crash

The Claimant suffered serious multiple injuries in a road traffic accident.  The accident was a very violent head on collision caused by the dangerous driving of the first Defendant who was subsequently prosecuted and jailed. The Claimant was 38-years old when the accident occurred.  She suffered serious multiple injuries including multiple fractures and bruising to the…


Worker on Construction Site gets £160,000.00 for Electrocution

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The Claimant was 34-years old when he was injured in an accident which occurred. He was working on a construction site as a foreman/plant operative.  He was required to dig a trial hole and suffered electrocution as a result. He was taken to the hospital and had 2-weeks off work but never made a recovery.  He…


Experienced Engineer Claims £100,000.00 for Crushed Arm

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The Claimant was injured in an accident which occurred at work and suffered from a crushed arm. The Defendants were the Claimant’s employers. The Claimant was an experienced 47 years old engineer, injured whilst engaged in attending to a large printing press machine.  The machine had jammed on several occasions.  In order to check the…


PHC Law Claims £35,000.00 Road Traffic Accident Victim

The Claimant  was injured in a road traffic accident. The accident was a violently shocking and catastrophic accident.  The Defendant and his passenger were both killed.  Liability was admitted. The accident had a profound effect on the Claimant’s physical and mental well-being.  The Claimant suffered a life threatening aortic tear injury which received expert treatment and…