Quarter of Motorists Admit Tiredness

In the UK in 2015 there were more than 150,000 road traffic injuries and fatalities. As many as 100,000 could have been prevented if distractions didn’t get motorists attention. According to a survey conducted by Exchange and Mart almost 1 in 4 motorists admit driving while tired. Sources such as the Department of Transport and…


Seven Ways to Drive Safe During the Winter

Driver behaviour remains the top cause of crashes. Data provided by the ONS from 1995 and into the following decade show that traffic accidents rise by nearly 30 per cent compared to the rest of the year. It’s not just Christmas, it’s the onset of Winter. What can you do to improve your road safety...

Criminal Injury Claim Prevented for Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman stabbed more than 20 times across her body in a frenzied attack of violence cannot make a claim for compensation. Read on >>> A legal precedent, set by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority appeal prevented the case. It stated that an unborn child is not a person in law within the meaning…


Compensation Reform: The Big Insurance Lie

The Government is looking at scrapping the right to compensation for whiplash injuries in England & Wales. The Big Lie perpetuated by the insurance industry through their lobbyists, the Association of British Insurers, is that whiplash claims have risen by 50% over the past decade fuelled by fraudulent claims costing the insurance companies about one…


Air Pollution Blamed for Traffic Accidents

Air pollution could be to blame for hundreds of traffic accidents, according to researchers. A study conducted by the London Schools of Economics presents evidence that air pollution is responsible for road traffic accidents. Well, MAY be responsible. The evidence is still disputable. Some in the media are sceptical. In a study analysing 5 years’ worth of…


Sexual Harassment at Work Affects Half of Women

According to a recent study 52% of women surveyed suffered sexual harassment at work. This type of harassment comes in different forms. Often it is subtle and complex. However, it is still an offence. This article looks deeper at sexual harassment, and discusses what you can do if you are a victim of it. Sexual…


In a Personal Injury Claim Can a Hotel Be Liable?

In a Personal Injury Claim Can a Hotel Be Liable? Basically yes, hotels can be held liable in a personal injury claim. Here’s a brief post about why, examples, and what you can do to claim. Hotels are essentially responsible for the welfare of hotel guests; it’s what you pay for when you expect the…