County Council Hosts Preston Remembrance for Victims of Road Accidents

LANCASHIRE County Council announced last week that local people killed in road traffic collisions will be remembered at a special service in November in Preston. The special service forms part of The World Day of Remembrance Service. UK-based charity RoadPeace launched in 1993. Brigitte Chaudhry MBE, organised the first day of remembrance, to support bereaved…


Personal Injury Claims Require Commitment and Professionalism

In 2014 the media reported that a fifth of personal injury law firms in the north-west could be closed down. Yes, firms closed down but not in the amounts predicted. Why did this situation start? Broadly speaking personal injury work is difficult. Weaker firms are not able to operate with the levels of quality and professionalism…


Had A Personal Injury At Work In Lancashire?

With a population in its wider area of over 1,460,893, Lancashire’s has been a main area of commerce for many large companies for over 100 years. You may not realise it but just because it's not reported in the media, personal injury and accidents at work are not uncommon. Its levels of unemployment may be slightly higher...

Injured While At Work In Darwen

Located just to the south of Blackburn, the area where the town of Darwen is situated has been home to settlements for thousands of years. When Mohandas K Gandhi accepted an invitation to visit the town in 1931, he was welcomed warmly by many “Darreners” who were painfully aware of the problems caused by India’s…


Accidents At Work In Fleetwood

Fleetwood was a prominent Lancashire deep-sea fishing town, although that industry has declined since the 1970s. Today the town’s economy is still focused on fishing but is now more varied – and also depends on port activity and light industry, as well as tourism. In recent years, there have been huge plans for revitalising and…


Workplace Injuries In Garstang

Garstang is a small, picturesque market town located about halfway between Preston and Lancaster. It has a number of interesting features, including an annual arts and agricultural festival, and it was the UK’s first ever Fairtrade town. While it might not be the first place you’d associate with heavy industry, it does have a 518…