Incompetence Often The Spur For Life Changing Injuries

Hardly a week goes by without another unfortunate example of someone being left with permanent, life changing injuries because of someone else’s shortcomings or incompetence. Compensation claims for these kinds of injuries can run into millions, as in the recent case of the 36-year-old London woman who was awarded £5m after waiting 100 minutes for…


Calais Shoulder: Landmark Compensation Claims Case Opens Doors To New Claims

The British border has been at the centre of a lot of media focus in the last few years, although perhaps not for compensation claims being made there. The UK immigration debate rages on, with the Home Office under Theresa May responding to concerns with a raft of ‘tough’ new measures to clamp down on…


How Much Compensation?

How much compensation is one of the most frequently asked questions our team of personal injury solicitors get asked by Claimant’s who turn to us for help to make a personal injury claim. If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault then you may be entitled to compensation. At PHC Law we…


Insurance Premiums – Law Society Defends Compensation Claims

In a recent high-profile row over rising insurance premiums, the Law Society has said the insurance industry must shoulder some of the blame and take responsibility for increasing motor insurance premiums. Last week, The Commons Transport Select Committee said the rising number of personal injury claims was the ‘main reason’ why motor insurance premiums have…