Did you miss the Law Society Campaign ‘Don’t Get Mugged over Accident Claim’?

Despite its central message highlighting the risks of not consulting with accident claim lawyers, an ad campaign created by The Law Society three years ago still retain its power. The central theme warned that before accepting a compensation offer by an insurer, consider consulting a personal injury solicitor if you are involved in an accident. The ad campaign…


‘Collateral’ Lies Can’t Ruin Insurance Claims

What are ‘collateral lies’ concerning insurance claims? Basically it’s when someone making a claim exaggerates for personal gain, and not always financial gain. However, collateral lies in many cases never actually impact on the final result. This is the reason why the legal profession refers to them as ‘collateral’. Exaggerating on insurance claims, or telling…


Are long waiting times solid grounds for personal injury claims?

Delays faced by patients for NHS treatment have risen sharply, despite government pledges to keep waiting times low statistics reveal. Information supplied by England’s acute hospital trusts shows that patients are facing a postcode lottery in the length of time they are having to wait for treatment. There are delays as long as 215 days…


Lancashire Health And Safety College Fined For Workplace Accident

An engineering technician has successfully won an injury at work Lancashire claim against a college that ironically specialises in teaching health and safety courses. Marc Antonio Albanese broke his back after he fell from a stepladder balancing against a filing cabinet at Burnley College. His injuries caused him to have more than five months off…


Don’t Be Shy About Claiming Workplace Accident Compensation

People are injured in all sorts of workplace accidents, every day, but not everyone claims workplace accident compensation for what happened to them. Accidents can result from the obvious hazards of frenetic construction sites to industrial manufacturing premises and, in fact, almost everywhere there are lots of people and buildings and machines. Even apparently serene…


Bill Debates Claims For Workplace Accidents

Westminster MPs are engaged in an interesting debate that may affect compensation claims for workplace accidents in future. The bill, if passed, could see new laws introduced at slaying the so-called health and safety dragon, according to Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, who says he wants to put an end to a culture of being too…


Hospital blunders and compensation claims are unhappy bedfellows

When hospital blunders have serious consequences, compensation claims often follow, although it’s rarely the first thing that comes to the mind of most people. Anyone who goes to hospital wants to get good, effective treatment and patients want to be able to trust the experts to get it right. When something goes wrong, people don’t…