Can You Claim for a Burn Injury?

Suffering a burn injury can be incredibly distressing. Burns can cause serious physical pain and leave victims with permanent scarring. Many burns can be easily treated, but some can be incredibly dangerous, endangering the victim’s life and causing serious nerve damage. Burn victims can also suffer from psychological problems for many years following the incident.

Types of Burns Burns are categorised into first, second and third degrees. This relates to the layers of skin that are affected by the burn.

  • 1.    First degree burns are the least severe. They can be caused by staying out in the sun for too long or touching your stove. They usually leave a bright pink or red colour on the skin for a few days. First degree burns can be extremely painful because the top layer of skin is very sensitive, but recovery is generally very quick and straightforward.
  • 2.    With a second degree burn, the first layer of skin is completely broken. This can lead to bubbling and blistering as the secondary layer of skin is exposed. They are incredibly painful and can sometimes require medical attention. Second degree burns can also leave permanent scarring.
  • 3.    Third degree burns are the most severe, with all the layers of skin being damaged. They could also cause damage to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and even organs. Third degree burns are usually not particularly painful because of the severe nerve damage they cause, but they should get immediate medical treatment. These burns always result in scarring and some victims may even need skin grafts. Burn Injury Compensation If you’ve experienced a burn injury in one of the following situations that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to make a burn injury claim for compensation.

The Workplace Employers are responsible to keep all their staff safe while they are at work. If you work with dangerous materials that could cause burns, your employer should ensure that you’ve had all the necessary training and have access to safety equipment. Even equipment like hot taps or kettles can cause serious burns, so employers should have all the necessary warning signs in place. If an employer has failed to do any of these things, burn victims could be entitled to compensation.

Road Accidents Although injuries like broken bones and whiplash are more commonly associated with road accident, burns can be common. A vehicle could catch fire, or there could be a fault within a car that causes part of it to overheat, both of which could cause burns. If you’re involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, you could get compensation for burns.

Public Places Burn injuries can occur in a variety of public places. Most commonly, hot food or drinks can be spilled in restaurants, causing burns. If the burn was due to a staff member’s negligence, you could be entitled to make a claim. Making a Claim If you have suffered a burn injury that wasn’t your fault, personal injury lawyers could get you the compensation you deserve. They will assess your case and help you through every stage of the compensation process. And, if they don’t win your case, you won’t pay them a penny.