Brain Injury Victim Receives Settlement in 2 months through PHC Law

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A man who suffered a minor brain injury in an unprovoked attack has received compensation with the help of PHC Law personal injury solicitors.

The man turned to PHC Law’s criminal injury law specialists for legal advice after he was attacked in October 2012.

The Applicant was sat on a bench waiting to meet some friends when he was attacked by an unknown male who had mistaken him as being someone else. He suffered a head injury and a laceration to his lip in the assault.

Miss Louise Kenny, a Criminal Injury Law Specialist represented the Claimant and the claim was submitted on the man’s behalf to the Governing body to apply for compensation.

Following investigations carried out by his legal representative, Miss Kenny, a sufficient amount of evidence was obtained from the Police and medical authorities that supported the Applicant’s innocence in the attack and the extent of the injuries he sustained.

The Applicant suffered a minor brain injury and laceration to the lip that did not result in any scarring. The man suffered various types of minor brain injury symptoms lasting 6-8 weeks.

With the legal representation and support he received, the Applicant was awarded compensation in the sum of £1,500.00, 2 months’ after he had instructed PHC Law to handle his case.

Miss Kenny commented: “The benefits of having legal representation in criminal injury cases are that Applicants are more likely to receive the highest amount of compensation for their injuries and their case in handled in such a way that aids the investigation period.

My client and I are very happy with the outcome of his case and the swiftness of how it was dealt with.

I would encourage anyone who has suffered injuries as a result of a crime of violence to seek legal advice to achieve the compensation and justice they deserve”.