Bill Debates Claims For Workplace Accidents

Westminster MPs are engaged in an interesting debate that may affect compensation claims for workplace accidents in future. The bill, if passed, could see new laws introduced at slaying the so-called health and safety dragon, according to Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, who says he wants to put an end to a culture of being too quick to blame someone else for an accident at work, or in the wider world.

Mr Grayling says that if employees injure themselves because of a dumb mistake, damages should no longer be awarded if their bosses have taken the correct or ‘sensible’ steps to keep their staff safe.

The Justice Secretary’s new Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill, also aims to protect people from facing a claim if something goes wrong when they are trying to help in an emergency situation. The bill urges support for teachers so that they need not fear a compensation claim if something goes wrong on a school trip when they have taken sensible and reasonable measures to safeguard their pupils. Mr Grayling said trade unions brought thousands of claims for negligence against employers every year and that the readiness of union representatives to make claims at every opportunity, was putting off companies from employing staff.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Grayling says he wanted to restore common sense to what he calls the compensation culture, and says we’ve become a society that is too willing to blame someone else when we injure ourselves through our own carelessness. Mr Grayling also said that it was right to go after people who were health and safety rogues. The Bill was announced in the Queen’s Speech last month.

No one would argue that there are people who try it on and claim for workplace accidents that are spurious, to say the least. A common sense approach to claims for workplace accidents is to be welcomed, but employees are entitled to expect that the proper or ‘sensible’ safeguards are in place at work. Firms such as PHC Law deal with compensation claims for workplace accidents but judge each claim on its merits before proceeding. If you have had a workplace accident and feel this was caused by your employers’ negligence then you should always seek advice. PHC Law has a 98% success rate at getting a fair deal on behalf of those clients it does represent.