Beginners Guide To Making A Claim For An Accident In The Workplace

Without question our workplaces are getting safer. Better safety regulations and improved technologies mean that the number of people involved in workplace accidents has fallen significantly in the past four decades, but there are still employers out there that gamble with the safety of their staff members.

Indeed, official figures show that 148 people lost their lives at work during 2012/13 and a further 175,000 had to take more than seven days off because of injuries sustained while conducting their duties. Then there are all the people who are unable to work due to job related illnesses such as stress and anxiety.

Health and safety has become something of bugbear to some people in recent years. They see it as an overzealous attempt to slow down processes and wrap the workplace in red tape, but it exists for good reason and, without us thinking too much about it, it keeps us safe on a daily basis.

But what if your employer takes a blasé attitude to safety or an unpreventable accident occurs? Is there anyone you can turn to and will you be eligible to make a claim for compensation?

The simple answer is yes. Employers are covered by indemnity insurance for this very reason and personal injury solicitors such as PHC Law can assist you making a claim.

Starting the process

Some people are put off calling a lawyer because they do not want to rock the proverbial boat at work, but employers understand that slips, trips and falls happen and appreciate they will have to defend against compensation cases.

After recovering from your injury, your first port of call should be to speak to a lawyer that understands the complexity of accidents in the workplace and the laws in place to protect employees.

A good lawyer can help you to check that proper procedures were followed by your employer (such as recording the incident in their Accident Book) as well prepare all the necessary paperwork for your case.

What injuries can you claim for?

There isn’t a set list of ailments that can be claimed for. Quite simply, if your accident occurred within the past three years, you can make a claim for the pain you suffered as well as any financial losses you had to incur as a result.

Typical cases involve slips, trips and falls, burns, injuries caused by faulty machinery, and back problems sustained due to lifting and moving. However, if your case is different it is still worth speaking to one our personal injury solicitors. There’s no obligation and it could result in you being fully recompensed for your pain and suffering.