Accidents At Work In Fleetwood

fleetwood industryFleetwood was a prominent Lancashire deep-sea fishing town, although that industry has declined since the 1970s. Today the town’s economy is still focused on fishing but is now more varied – and also depends on port activity and light industry, as well as tourism. In recent years, there have been huge plans for revitalising and regenerating the town centre and waterfront, potentially creating new jobs.

So when it comes to injury at work, Fleetwood employees are just as vulnerable as they are anywhere else in the UK. These kinds of incidents can range from burns to slips and trips, falls and back or neck strain – and there can be many different causes behind them, from wet floors to poorly maintained machinery.

If you’re employed in the area and unlucky enough to have an injury at work in Fleetwood, the consequences for your career, your family and your life as a whole can be far-reaching.

But you may not be aware that you may well be entitled to claim compensation in the wake of your accident – provided you are able to prove that it happened within the last three years, and through no fault of your own.

Working in fleetwood and worried about claiming? Don’t be

If you’re worried about the impact such a work injury claim could have on your relationship with your employer, that’s entirely understandable, but the following points should put your mind at rest:

• Your employer’s insurer will most likely foot the bill, not the organisation your work for directly.
• If you don’t take action, the same thing could happen again and someone else could get hurt in a potentially life-changing accident.
• Your employer will not be able to sack you just because you have made a personal injury compensation claim following an injury at work in Fleetwood, since it would be illegal for them to do so.
• Remember – your employer has a duty of care to everyone it employs.

How we at PHC Law can help

Here’s why you should choose us at PHC Law to process your claim:

• We have a incredible success rate in getting our clients compensation.
• You can talk to us in confidence and without obligation.

Finally – we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so, whatever happens, you can’t lose! Get in touch today.