Abducted Sexual Assault Victim Gets Justice with the Help of PHC Law

PHC Law, specialist personal injury solicitors who take cases on a no win no fee basis has successfully recovered £11,000 compensation for a woman who turned to them for legal advice following an incident that resulted in her sustaining significant injuries being an abducted sexual assault victim.

The Applicant was abducted and assaulted both physically and sexually, resulting in serious psychological injuries when she was walking in the city centre one evening.

The claim was submitted to the CICA to apply for criminal injuries compensation as a result of this crime of violence. The CICA obtained information regarding the circumstances of the incident and the effect it has had on the Applicant by obtaining GP, hospital and Police records.

The Applicant was awarded compensation in the sum of £11,000 for sexual assault. This award was a reasonable award and the correct amount for the criminal violence this Applicant had suffered.

Louise Kenny, a Criminal Injury Law Specialist who settled the case commented:  “My client suffered a serious and horrific attack which has had a profound effect on her life in every aspect.

Although my client and I are satisfied with the compensation in this application, no amount of compensation can make the memories of this incident go away.

My client will use the compensation to try to put her life back together by obtaining the necessary help to do this.

I would encourage anyone who has been the victim of a sexual assault or suffered physical or psychological injuries in a of crime or violence to seek the justice and compensation they deserve.”