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Kitchen Accident Compensationkitchen injuries

If you or a close relative, are employed in a restaurant, cafe, bistro, workplace, or other commercial kitchen, you’ll know that they are often hectic and fraught, places where attention to detail and taking care are both vital components of a safe environment.

Accidents can happen in a moment, often through no fault of the person who suffers from them. If this has happened to you within the last three years, you may be entitled to claim vital compensation.

Which of the following has happened to you?

  • Slipped on a wet or greasy floor.
  • Tripped over loose or damaged tiles, or an uneven floor surface.
  • Collided with equipment, boxes of produce, or other impediments.
  • Suffered a cut or other injury from glass, knives, or other sharp objects or abrasive surfaces.
  • Burned by hot oil or other boiling or heated substances.

This is not a complete list, any accidents which have been caused, wholly or in part, by the negligence of others, may mean you are entitled to compensation.

Taking action when you have been injured

Mistace. Egg splattered on the kitchen floorIf you have been involved in a commercial kitchen accident or incident causing injury and distress, take a moment to complete the claim form on the right. One of our PHC Law team will then be able to discuss your needs.

It’s important to provide yourself with expert advice, as soon as you can after the event. Your accident may prevent you from working, or living your life fully, over a long period which could lead to a loss of earnings. Equally, you may simply be due compensation for the distress and injury caused by the negligence of others in the kitchen where you work or were obliged to visit.

To start your claim today to seek the compensation and justice you deserve is very simple, you can either call us on 01772 203303 or if it is easier or not in work hours fill out the small form to the right. All of this is free and no obligation, we do not require any credit card payments etc..

All details sent to us is so when the information is sent to our lawyers they can do an initial assessment to see if you have a case to claim for, we then speak to you at a convenient time to go over the incident in more detail.

From this you will be able to make an informed decision on what to do next and the process of claiming compensation and what type of injury payout to expect. Please note that we understand if you are currently still employed at the company you received the injury at, you are not claiming directly against your employer.