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Hand & Wrist Injury ClaimsHand and Wrist Injury Claims

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a hand or wrist injury or maybe commonly a broken wrist, perhaps at work or because of someone else PHC Law will help you to make a successful injury claim.

Many of the hand injuries claims we deal with clients who are seeking compensation for severed hands / lacerations, broken bones or fingers and wrist injuries.

These are just to name a few of the types of claims we often see through injuries at work, especially with manual labour.

By law, your employer has a duty of care to provide the adequate training, safety wear and a safe working environment to prevent accidents from happening.

PHC Law is one of the UK’s leading personal injury solicitors and helped 1000’s to receive compensation for their wounds. We make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Hand Or Wrist InjuryYou are legally entitled to make a claim.

Whatever the circumstances of your accident are, if you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own you are entitled compensation.

The reason people use PHC Law for injury claims

With over 100 years’ collective experience in helping people, PHC Law has been able to recover injury compensation for 1000s of victims each year. We have the expertise and experience to obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and recoup any financial losses you have suffered.

All of our lawyers have a minimum of 15 years claims experience which is why you can rest assured we get all our clients the maximum compensation and not settle for the first and usually lowest offer. Also as part of your claim, we will also take into account any future financial losses you may suffer, we will apply for interim payments to be made to help you financially throughout the process of your injury claim until it has been settled.

How to start a claim for compensation

To start your application today to seek the compensation and justice you deserve is very straightforward. 

All of this is free and no obligation, we do not require any credit card payments, etc..

All details sent to us is so when the information is sent to our lawyers they can do an initial assessment to see if you have a case to claim for, we then speak to you at a convenient time to go over the incident in more detail.

From this, you will be able to make an informed decision on what to do next and the process of claiming compensation and what type of injury payout to expect. Please note that we understand if you are currently still employed at the company you received the injury at, you are not claiming directly against your employer. They will have Employers Liability Insurance to cover them in the event of a claim being brought against them, similarly to the way in which a road traffic accident is dealt with.

Therefore, you needn’t worry about a claim being brought against any persons directly.