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Farm Accident Injury Claimsfarming injuries

If you, or a member of your family, works on a farm, or visit farms as part of your job, or as a contractor or customer, you’ll know that they are one of the most common sites for workplace accidents.

Farms can be a very dangerous environment, and it’s all too easy to be involved in a farm accident that’s not your fault because you have taken all due care to avoid having an accident.

Have you been in a farm accident or injured or affected by any of the following?

  • An incident involving the operation of a tractor or other farm machinery or equipment.
  • Faulty equipment or machinery – either because it is not properly repaired or maintained, or where it has been operated by individuals, including yourself, who have not been properly trained.
  • A painful trip, slip or fall caused by unsafe or even dangerous farm buildings or surfaces.
  • Accidental exposure to pesticides or chemicals.
  • Being injured by the actions of farm livestock or pets.Farm Accident
  • An accident caused by being struck or trapped by falling objects or through not being supplied with the required safety equipment or training.
  • Back or neck injuries caused by lifting without having received adequate training or safe-lifting guidance.
This list is by no means complete as you can see on this link regarding health and safety articles for UK farmers. You may be able to claim for these or any other kind of farm accidents that are not your fault and have happened within the last three years.

Been in a farm accident, why choose PHC Law?

With over 100 years’ collective experience in helping people, PHC Law has been able to recover injury compensation for 1000s of victims of farm accidents each year. We have the expertise and experience to obtain the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and recoup any financial losses you have suffered.

All of our lawyers have a minimum of 15 years claims experience which is why you can be rest assured we get all our clients the maximum compensation. Also as part of your claim, we will also take into account any future financial losses you may suffer, we will apply for interim payments to be made to help you financially throughout the process of your injury claim until it has been settled.

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