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Buy Xanax On The Internet

What Is No Win No Fee?

A ‘No win, No Fee’ agreement, also known as a conditional fee agreement, entitles you to claim compensation without having to pay for legal representation. ‘No Win, No Fee’ basically means that in the unlikely event of the claim not being successful, your solicitor will not charge any fees. If you win your claim, your solicitor will earn their fees and usually a success fee (bonus) from the opposing party, typically an insurance company. You will be awarded the full amount of compensation.

Any other costs, such as medical fees, expenses or loss of earnings, will also be paid by the losing party.

Do I have to pay legal fees?

We practice our legal cases based on the terms of a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. That means if your claim isn’t successful, you pay nothing. You only pay a fee upon the successful completion of a case. It is our decision if we choose to take your claim, so the risk is with us. We usually take on a case if we think it has a reasonable chance of success (at least 90%).

Can I make a personal injury claim after 3 years?

No. You should get legal advice quickly if you want to claim compensation. The most common claim in a personal injury case is negligence at work or negligent driving, so the time limit is 3 years. Court proceedings must be issued within 3 years of you first being aware that you suffered injury.

I want to claim. I had an injury at work. Do I need to report it?

Yes. If you don’t report it to your employer you cannot make a compensation claim. You should also visit your GP so that there is a medical record of your injury. If you don’t do these things, a solicitor’s job will be more difficult. Make sure your employer has an accident book. If they don’t, write the accident details down, make a copy and give it to your employer (in the presence of a witness). An employer that doesn’t have an accident book is already breaking the law.

How much compensation can I get for an ankle injury?

That depends on how you injured your ankle. If you were injured in a road traffic accident, as a pedestrian, falling in a public place or at work, as long as the injury was not your fault you can claim – not only for an ankle but for an injured wrist, hand, head, face, leg etc. The limits of compensation vary by case and depend on the injury. Approximate amounts can be from £1000 to much higher sums for serious injuries like the loss of a limb (such as £100k+).

How long will my claim take?

It depends on the type of claim and injury. Each type of injury has its own complexities. Some cases are dealt with quickly – in a matter of a few weeks – but others can take several months or years. However, you will know relatively quickly how long your claim will take. We will  keep you informed every step of the way.

Do I have to attend the solicitor’s office?

At PHC Law, our door is always open. Our solicitors are always happy to help and support you throughout the claims process. You can make an appointment to see us; alternatively, we could visit you at home or work, whichever is convenient to you. If you prefer, we can handle your personal injury claim by phone, mail or via email so that you don’t need to make an unnecessary trip out if you don’t wish too.

Is your Injury claims office difficult to find?

No. We’re on one of the main roads out of Preston city centre. If you’re coming via J6 off the M6, turning onto Blackpool Road at the Hesketh’s Arm pub brings you to the Garstang Road junction. We’re almost on the corner opposite the beautiful Moor Park.
If you’re travelling out of the city centre from the direction of the bus station, you’ll find us on the left side of Garstang Road, opposite Moor Park.
If you’re travelling from the north of the M6, via J32, you’ll get onto Garstang Road at the Broughton roundabout and head straight towards town – our office is on the right, opposite Moor Park.

Buy Xanax On The Internet