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Car Accident Claims Compensation:motoring accidents

The simplest way to gain the expert help for your car accident is take no more than a couple of minutes to complete our claim enquiry form. Claims might include passengers of all ages, uninsured drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, or pedestrians.

We will then look at the details you have sent over and make an assessment and speak to you. Remember all of this is no-obligation so you are not committed to anything. 

A detailed discussion will allow us to best judge, and fully explain, whether a claim can proceed.

Do you want a No Win No Fee car accident claim completed? This consultation is, of course, completely obligation-free on your part. When we proceed, all claims are then processed on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Possible outcomes after an accident – WHAT SHOULD YOU DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT?

Some injuries require long-term recuperation, or even a level of care that can change a person’s life, and that of those close to them. Depending on the extent of any injuries suffered, work may be impossible for a short or long period, this can lead to people experiencing financial difficulty.

Examples of the causes which can lead to car accident claims are…

  • Driving after taking excessive alcohol or drugs.
  • Driving above a safe speed.
  • Exhibiting other careless or reckless driving actions.
  • Failing to wear seat belts, which can cause injury to others.
  • Injuries while involved in your work.
  • Inexperience of a recently-qualified driver.
  • Failing to pay due care and attention to road or traffic conditions.
  • Loss of control of vehicle.
  • Failure to maintain vehicle properly – brakes, lights, tyres etc.

All of these can lead to you, or a member of your family, becoming involved, as an innocent victim, in a car accident which then leads to personal injury.

A range of other costs may be involved, including:

  • Repair of vehicle or other equipment.
  • Need for a hire care or other transport expenses.
  • Other medical treatments required, such as physiotherapy.
  • Payment of any policy excess.
  • Damage caused to other property.

Therefore, as well as the distress caused, a range of financial and practical implications and unexpected burdens may also need to be dealt with.

Making a claim

Car crashSo, ok you have thought and you believe you should be entitled to some compensation as the accident wasn’t your fault, where do you go now, what do you do? This is the easy bit, if you have suffered an injury in the last three years you may be able to claim. If you were at work or outside walking, shopping etc.. and someone else was responsible or to blame for the accident, speak to us as soon as possible.

This is no obligation and totally free, we will speak to you about your accident and what happened, from this we will be able to tell you if first of all if you have an injury you can claim for. Then we can then go through your options and inform you on what would happen and what would be needed. We would also be able to give you a ballpark estimation of the type of figure we would aim to claim for you.

At the end of the day our solicitors will advise you and support on how to claim for your injury. To that end, we have made it easy for you to contact us, just fill out the enquiry form to the right with just the basic details about your accident and we will do the rest or phone us on 01772 203303 whichever is easiest. It is quick and easy to do and so worth it and the best part is this doesn’t cost you anything to find out where you stand.