Slip on Wet Floor Compensation Claim Complete

A slip and fall, on a wet floor in a local supermarket has culminated in a knee injury compensation claim. A 60 year old woman slipped on a wet floor and sustained injury to her knee. The woman was not a member of staff at the supermarket. She had simply visited the building to purchase…


Work Injury Compensation Claim Settled

A 38 year old man suffered a work injury to his leg, and claimed compensation for a personal injury with PHC Law.  Sometimes there is a public perception that work injuries tend to be a slip or a fall down stairs. On the contrary work injuries can be a myriad of different types. Some of…


Claimant Compensation Awarded for Back Injury

Have you or someone you know suffered personal injury in a road traffic accident? You may be entitled to claim for damages if you have suffered an injury. PHC Law has confident and experienced lawyers that can offer representation for cases, based on a No Win No Fee agreement. Recently our law firm took on…


Louise Kenny at PHC Law Settles Knee Injury Case

The claimant is a 47 year old gentleman and a Production Technician for a relatively large company. Following a knee injury at work he contacted us at PHC Law, and we took his case and settled it on a No Win No Fee agreement. Ms Louise Kenny at PHC Law said, “This gentleman suffered an…


RTA Victim Claims £200,000.00 For Head On Crash

The Claimant suffered serious multiple injuries in a road traffic accident.  The accident was a very violent head on collision caused by the dangerous driving of the first Defendant who was subsequently prosecuted and jailed. The Claimant was 38-years old when the accident occurred.  She suffered serious multiple injuries including multiple fractures and bruising to the…


Worker on Construction Site gets £160,000.00 for Electrocution

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The Claimant was 34-years old when he was injured in an accident which occurred. He was working on a construction site as a foreman/plant operative.  He was required to dig a trial hole and suffered electrocution as a result. He was taken to the hospital and had 2-weeks off work but never made a recovery.  He…


Experienced Engineer Claims £100,000.00 for Crushed Arm

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The Claimant was injured in an accident which occurred at work and suffered from a crushed arm. The Defendants were the Claimant’s employers. The Claimant was an experienced 47 years old engineer, injured whilst engaged in attending to a large printing press machine.  The machine had jammed on several occasions.  In order to check the…